Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Hoarding? We can help!

SERVPRO® Franchises encounter hoarding situations several different ways. Often, a SERVPRO® Franchise is called for a fire or water loss and find the ho... READ MORE

Hoarding Cleanup? We can help!

Why SERVPRO? That's easy. Because your house deserves the leaders in the restoration industry! You are worth it! We use advanced technology and can help you... READ MORE

Kitchen damage in Harrison Township

This kitchen was soaked from the top down. Everything was wet. The walls behind all of the cabinets, the ceiling, and the floor. Why SERVPRO is an easy quest... READ MORE

Storm damage in Harrison Township, MI

This house was in the middle of having their roof replaced right before a very large storm came. The roof was unsuccessful in tarping and securing the house be... READ MORE

Pet urine cleanup in Warren, Michigan basement

This landlord called us after his tenants moved out. He did not know where to turn and what to do with his house. The tenant had a lot of animals living in th... READ MORE

Animal intrusion in Warren, MI

This homeowner was an elderly lady who lived alone and stopped going upstairs. She started hearing noises and realized a squirrel had moved into the bedroom. ... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO? Because we care.

When dealing with an emergency it can be stressful, especially when a family member is involved. Everyone ended up well in the end of this loss, but we were th... READ MORE